Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Thing's First

We woke up to this.

This is a dust storm. They are not the usual weather system to run through Sydney.

I haven't adjusted these photos.

The news just said that this is the worst dust storm in a major city in the history of recorded weather.

I have more exploits to share thus far, with the flight and our first day adventures... but this Beyond Thunderdome theme for today is remarkable. Audra said, "We couldn't take you guys to the outback, so we had the outback brought to you." Magic.


  1. Wow I love that second photo, almost looks like a frame from THX 1138. Apropos:
    "We have to go back. This is your last chance to return with us. You have nowhere to go. You cannot survive outside the city shell. We only want to help you. This is your last chance."

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  3. My sources tell me you are now having a lovely day. They say it's a bit blustery, though. A freak dust storm quickly supplanted by good vacation weather is such an interesting introduction to a foreign land. You're so lucky.