Saturday, September 26, 2009

Video Replay

Chloe beckoned me further back into the wildlife park to show me the Singing Gate. "Do you hear it," she said. "West Side Story."

Part of our first day's walk. Nearly all the sites are epic.

We were told that the koala's were exceptionally active during our visit. This is only a small portion of their wackiness. In fact, we were asked to step back in fear of the little cuties would leap onto us and start scratching.

Listen for my trademark laugh. Driving in OZ was no problem. The real weirdness came from sitting in the passenger seat.

During Chloe's leg of the trip. We both got some good behind-the-wheel time.

Someone who wil remain unnamed, accidentally raped this bird.

This is my new best friend again, the Tawny Frogmouth owl. We were fairly buddy buddy throughout the day, except here where i seem to be damaging his calm.

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