Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Flight Out

OK, after the post Apocalyptic wake-up call, we're now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

The flight to Sydney out of SF is a late one. 9:45 was the boarding time. Chloe and I had already a full day at this point, and were ready to crash. I found a couple things interesting in the airport.

Chloe loves the honesty printed on Japanese cigarettes.

Gate A4 is down the escalator. I got my first hint of the Oz vibe on the way down from the screaming Chinese kids with an Australian accent.

This piece of "art" is was greeted us. It reminds me of this exercise we did in my first grade class. Everyone gets a smaller square of the greater whole of the picture and recreates them in crayon. They are then all put back together into a huge mish-mash checkerboard version of the original. Ours was better.

International flights know how to treat their patrons. All of this was not only edible, but actually quite yummy. Creamy cilantro lime chicken with greean beans and edamame filled me up, and not so much that i would be forced to take a shit on the plane. Nom nom nom.

All gone.

The view from our seat. This door allowed for some extra legroom.

Very back of the plane. We hung out with the flight attendants.

Huge farking plane.

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