Wednesday, September 23, 2009

No Rest for the Wicked

I didn't sleep on the plane. Chloe got in 9 hours, but she had some help from Tylenol PM. I tried to get some help from the same, but my body refuses to sleep while sitting up.

The family waiting for the train. We left Sunday night, and arrived in OZ Tuesday morning. You can see by the look on my face my body was in utter confusion about why it was still up. But the day is just beginning here.

This is in the wrong chronological order as far as when it was taken, but it's a picture of the train. There you go.

We stopped at Audra's 18th floor apartment just long enough to drop off our bags before we began with the day's mayhem.

On the way to the beach. Somewhere south. My intake was a bit hazy at this point. i did have enough sense to snap a few pictures.


Um... somewhere. The greater metropolitan area is quite clean and inviting. Much like my butt, actually.

This beach looked man-mad, and was at the end of a concrete inlet. It was full of moms and their screaming children.

Las ladies scoping out a good diving point.

A beautiful view from further south.

This is where most of my attention was focused.

This is part of the beautiful cliffwalk, which bordered a historic cemetary to the left, and the Pacific to the right.

Linda found a location where she could discreetly change out of her swimsuit.

It really is beautiful out here.

These are ibises. (Ibii?) They are the rats of down under. "The Garbage Bird" i've heard many times. Audra says she wants to pick one up by it's neck and shake it.

An incredible walk.

Some more of the local wildlife. (I'm catering to the lady readers here).

This is NOT a cell tower. This is what the pine trees look like down here. Geometry. Gee I'm a Tree.

Walk this way...
More to come from day 1, but now it's time to depart for day 3!

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